Weekend cottages

Weekend cottages as the island of tranquility

There are no better places for a romantic weekend than a weekend wooden cottage. In this fast – paced world most people work all the time and cannot escape from treadwheel. Of course, one can go on holiday to faraway places and beaches but these destinations can be found here too. Is it really possible to rest after the whole year’s work? For sure, there are many who do not believe so. We have the same opinion too.
A few decades ago, people – especially who lived in big cities – used to have weekend building sites. Most of them had a wooden house on it. The change of regime lead to changes which must have had its reason. Nowadays more and more people are looking for a real form of relaxation which is not restricted to the summer holiday. For sure, there are the weekends too for active leisure events to stop the treadwheel. For this purpose the weekend wooden cottage is the perfect choice. Especially, if we manage to find an ideal plot close to nature. These conditions provide the relaxing weekend.

It can be planned in one or more types

There are people who would like to enjoy the advantages of the wooden cottage only for a romantic weekend and there are people who would like to escape from the world to be alone but family programmes, social evenings can be organised there too. As many wishes as many weekend cottages -we usually say. And that is the case. People can plan standards or prefabricated houses but it turns out when in use, for example if something is missing or we wouldn’t have liked that way or the kitchenette should be somewhere else. In case people charge us to construct the weekend cottage, we carry out from project to assembly. It is important because we know that everybody has dreams, wishes and expectations regarding a wooden cottage. We pay attention to every detail during planning. The construction of a weekend cottage begins with a personal interview and discussion with the client about his ideas. We find out the function and the size of the cottage. Based on these pieces of information we prepare the plans. Some people may say that it is just a weekend cottage. Why is that all fuss about? Well, we can repeat what is earlier said. It is a „jewel box”
and it’s function is relaxation, rest and entertainment. So it is quite obvious that proper planning is essential. During the planning process it should be decided on what type of weekend cottage we would like to have. A cottage with pitched roof or flat roof? It is also worth overthinking if we would like to use the weekend house for summer vacations or winter relaxations? It is possible to construct a cottage for all the four seasons. If you choose this option, you can have the opportunity for winter relaxation. Whatever type or whatever design you have in your mind, contact us to get the best value.