Awarded EU tenders

EU tender

  • Application ID: GINOP-50.2.4-16-2017-02287
  • Amount of support: 100%
  • Application start: 2017. September 01
  • Application deadline: May 31, 2018.

Professional report on the fulfillment of the awarded EU grant: A UNIVERHOLZ Kft. won a tender to support young people starting their careers, within the framework of which 3 people were employed.

  • Author: Univerholz
  • Date: September 01, 2017.

EU tender

  • Project title: Competitiveness-enhancing investment of Univerholz Kft
  • Amount of contracted support: HUF 41544000
  • Support intensity: 100 %
  • The purpose of the development: In the framework of our project, the purchase of 3 new machines and a part of our wage costs will be subsidized.
  • Project identification number: GINOP-1.2.9-20-2021-00110
  • Beneficiary: UNIVERHOLZ Faházelemeket és Faipari Termékeket Gyártó, Szolgáltató, Szerelő és Kereskedelmi KorlátoltFelelősségű Társaság
  • Date of expected completion of the project: 2021.12.31.

Equipment to be purchased:
STOMAB CT 600 F - ANGLE ADJUSTABLE SAW - WITH MILLING UNIT: Accurately prepares the specified workpiece, both in length and angle cut. With the help of program control, we can enter the machine's cutting list on an external data carrier, thereby automating the work process. It is equipped with a lower milling unit to perform the necessary milling. REMA PORTAL CRANE 2000KG/3.5M/3.8M: enables safe, effortless material handling, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.
FORKLIFT CRANE REMA HKA-3.0): ideal for all disassembly and assembly work. This means that the forklift can also be used as a mobile crane. It reduces occupational safety risks and increases efficiency. In addition to the above, a part of our employees' wages is subsidized.
Our goal is to purchase modern technologies and develop digitized production processes through the support, which improves resource efficiency and the quality of the products produced, and this leads to a higher level of productivity.

With new leadership on the successful path that has begun

Excellent products, international successes

Founded in 1997, Univerholz specializes in the production and assembly of wooden products - wooden houses, holiday homes, pavilions, garden houses - with highly qualified thanks to managers and a team of professionals, it has undergone dynamic development in recent years. The good reputation of the high-quality products soon went beyond the borders of the country, thus, the company regularly receives orders from several countries on the continent. The one who dreamed up the company took the lion's share in the successes achieved, and for decades József Szabó, who is constantly developing and operating at a high standard, whose recent unfortunate death presents a serious challenge to the company's new management. Szabó Gabriella however, owner and managing director Dora Tibor does everything in order to continue the excellent work of the company founder in a dignified manner and to further enhance the company's reputation.

With new management, but at the old high standard

After the tragic death of my well-respected father-in-law, József Szabó, it is not an easy task to continue to operate the company at a high standard, but we will do everything we can to ensure that that Univerholz continues to operate worthy of its good reputation - declared Dora Tibor. In the future, our goal will continue to be to meet the individual needs of our customers as much as possible and bring their ideas to life as much as possible, in addition to the gradual improvement of quality. Fortunately, we have a lot of orders and we are constantly producing our high-quality products.

Széleskörű tevékenység

Univerholz is primarily engaged in the production and on-site assembly of prefabricated wooden house panels and other wooden structures - garden houses, wooden holiday homes, light-structure and harrow-walled houses. In the past 20 years, a significant expansion of the product structure has taken place at our company as a result of changing product demands. The production of garden furniture and pavilions, beehives, terraces, traditional and prefabricated roof structures with angle plates has become available, and we also provide a production and construction plan for the production and assembly of our products.

Excellent references

Each of our assignments is a serious challenge, as we must always strive to deliver high-quality, beautiful work and to accurately fulfill the unique needs of our customers. Our company has excellent references throughout the country, and we have already received orders from several European countries. Most of our products are sold abroad, mainly in Italy, but of course we have already sold many holiday buildings domestically as well. Among our domestic works, I would like to highlight the sales pavilions produced for the municipality of Eger, the construction of the nursing home next to Clinic No. II in Szeged, and the creation of the forest school in Levelek. We are proud to look at our references in Italy, which include a wide range of mobile homes, terraces, bungalows, renovation of old wooden houses.

Construction of a new, impressive marketplace

As part of the Green City program, our company delivered the new marketplace in the center of Mélykút in January. The investment took place next to the old market square, the new market got a 72-meter-long, 12-meter-wide, wooden roof, covered with paving stones on about 1,500 square meters. Two parking lots were also built with a connecting road, and a social block was built in the middle of the market square. From now on, the transferred marketplace - next to which a playground and sports park were built - will be able to serve the city's residents as a kind of community space.

Strengthened profile - construction of family houses

In previous years, our main profile was the renovation and production of weekend houses, but in recent years, the construction of family houses has come to the fore. Recently, the construction of several of our works has been completed, among others we have handed over the completed houses to our customers in Kunfehértó, Szekszárd and Paks. We have several commissions for this year as well, we recently started the construction of a family house in Balmazújváros, and in the summer we are building real estate buildings in Kazincbarciká.

A large-scale investment

In recent years, a large-scale development could be realized at our site with HUF 60 million EU tender expenditure and the use of our own funds. Within the framework of the tender, the plants were completely renovated, and in order to protect assets and preserve the quality of the products, the roof structure of the cold storage was built. The investment also included the modernization of the machinery park, as the list of tools and machines necessary for work was enriched with a six-head large machine, a new forklift, and several smaller machines, thus ensuring more efficient and faster work processes, and the expansion also contributed to increasing the quality of the products.

Univerholz Kft.

Works in progress

Active works

A few words about the wooden house

Wood as a building material

Light weight

Compared to the weight of the wood, it is very strong, easy to work with and combine. It has high strength in the direction of its growth.

Good heat insulator

Compared to other building materials, wood conducts heat little due to its good thermal insulation and air-filled cell structure.

Environmentally friendly

If we approach the matter from an ecological point of view, it can be said that wood is the only renewable resource, thanks to forest plantations.


Its surface is attractive, so a good architectural effect can be achieved with it even in the case of a design without top coating.

A few words about the wooden house