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    Company information

    Company name: Univerholz Kft.

    Headquarter 6449 Mélykút, Bajai u. 3.

    Tax number: 11570992-2-03 Cégjegyzékszáma: 03 09 105847

    Bank's name: Takarék Bank

    Bank account number: 51700083-10014310

    Phone: +36/30-2292-114

    E-mail: univerholz@gmail.com

    Customer service: On working days: 8:00 — 16:00

    Our company was founded by 4 individuals in 1997, primarily for the production and on-site assembly and repair of prefabricated wooden house elements and other wooden structures, such as dog houses, garden houses, wooden holiday houses, light-structure and harrow-walled houses. We also manufacture garden furniture, garden pavilions, beehives, prefabricated roof structures with angle plates, various terraces, traditional roof structures, and other wood industry products that fit our profile.