About us


Our company was founded by 4 private individuals in 1997, mainly for the production and on-site assembly of prefabricated wooden house elements and other wooden structures, such as dog houses, garden houses, wooden holiday homes, lightweight structures and harrow-walled houses. At the time of the founding, the founders had 30-35 years of production and assembly experience, which they had acquired at the legal predecessor of the Kft., the UNIVEREXPÓ industrial association. In the past fifteen years, we have been forced to expand our product structure significantly, as the demand for wooden houses has decreased significantly. So, in addition to garden houses, wooden houses, and wooden residences, we currently also produce garden furniture, garden pavilions, beehives, prefabricated roof structures with angle plates, various terraces, traditional roof structures, and other wooden products that fit our profile.

For the production and installation of angle plate roof structures, we also provide an execution and production plan. Of course, we deal with the renovation and expansion of old wooden houses, and we pay special attention to satisfy the unique needs of our customers. We pay great attention to product development and the gradual improvement of quality and its certification. We are a member of the K.Ö.H.E association, the association of lightweight house builders, so based on the association's ÉME permit, we can also issue a declaration of conformity for our wooden frame residential buildings. Dear interested parties, we look forward to your request for an offer, whether it is a small wooden tool storage or even a residential building. We send our offer within 3 working days, but we also undertake an on-site assessment of the works based on a separate agreement.

Szabó József managing director