Lightweight construction

What is lightweight construction exactly?

This question should be answered first and foremost. A lot of information is wrongly associated regarding lightweight construction. Ready made houses are often considered as lightweight construction. Although the truth is totally different. These definitions are often used as synonyms and they have similar meanings though lightweight construction is totally different. So let’s have a closer look at it’s definition.
According to the official definition lightweight construcion is the building which weighs less than 3000 kg/square meter. The truth is that this official definition is not always true. Due to modern technology and building materials this definition can be applied for a brick house too. Although a brick house cannot be considered as lightweight contruction. If we would like to give a precise definition, we need to concentrate on structure and not on weight.
Lightweight construction means that the house is made of wood and metal as a structure. Metal as an element in its structure is a brand new idea. Lightweight construction used to be houses made of only wood.

Advantages of lightweight construction is difficult to list

Lightweight construction has several advantages so it is really difficult to mention all of them. Now we are listing a few of the most important benefits.

  • space

Compared to a brick house it means that lightweight construction has much more useful interior based on the same ground – space. It is an important factor if there is a smaller plot to construct the house on.

  • It is fast to assemble

It is most often mentioned. In fact, to construct a brick house takes much more time because of the technology. Brick houses take a year or two while lightweight construction needs only a day. It means only carrying out process. There is extra time for preparation, planning and manufacturing.

  • it is easy to heat up

Well, it is really easy to heat up, however, it can be a disadvantage too. In case we do not apply insulation (which of course determines the price of the house) the building can warm up quickly in summer and cool down in winter. It is worth paying attention to insulation.

  • Low costs

This can be doubted though low costs can be an advantage. For sure, building materials are much cheaper than for a brick house. Using high quality building material and insulation for lightweight construction can be as expensive for a brick house.

What are the misconceptions about lightweight construction?

There are a lot of misconceptions about lightweight construction and now we would like to highlight two of them and justify with examples.

  • they are not durable

This is the most common misconception. If people follow the rules and use high quality building materials and the construction process is according to safty regulations these houses will last as long as a brick house.

  • new technology, it is not proved yet

Lightweight construction is considered a new technology only here in Hungary. All over the world from the USA to Canada and scandinavian countries it is well - known and widely – used so they have considerable expertise in lightweight construction.