Renovation of wooden houses

enovationn is necessary no matter, if it is a holiday house or your permanent home

Most of the wooden houses – especially those from the previous decades- were built on weekend sites for temporary residence. Nowadays it has changed a bit and a lot of real estates are made of wood, they have one thing in common. There is need for regular maintenance and renovation becomes necessary. Although the quality of wood as a building material has improved and the applied building technology has developed increasingly, there is need for wooden house renovation. It is worth paying attention to it, as a regular maintenance or a renovation now and then means that the house will perfectly meet the owner’s expectations for a long time.
We should mention here another type of house that is not a holiday house or a detached house. They are the so called pre-fabricated wooden houses used as outbuildings. The problem with these types of houses is that they do not have proper surface protection. Most of them were protected only with the basic treatment against insects or fungi. Proper surface protection has to be carried out so that the buildings get the permanent protection.If it is failed to do, it will result in deterioration of the house. All in all, no matter what is the function of the house, clients should take care of its condition. We ensure our clients a long term renovation that protects the aesthetics of the house as well.

When and how to renovate the wooden house?

There is no short answer to this question. It is not our intention to make you feel bored with the detailed process of the renovation of a wooden house step by step however we would like to give you some guidelines. As there has been earlier mentioned, older wooden houses are mostly neglected, because the regular maintenance was not carried out. In this case it is necessary to renovate the surface fully or partly. It is evident that these surfaces are exposed to extreme weather. For this reason, our advice is to carry out a temporary maintenance at least every second year. It takes a short time regardless the surface. In case of scratchy surface it is necessary to chisel it smoothly during renovation. It means chiseling not only the scratchy but the whole surface. It is followed by a proper dust – control and ground coat painting. It replaces the oil of the dry wood and ensures the ground coat to be applied. However, it does not protect the surface against ultraviolet radiation. During renovation we use a special product against UV.
Furthermore, special attention should be paid to the impact caused by water. While renovating a wooden house we use a waterproofing coat painting.

The problem may be more serious than that

Unfortunately, we also encountered cases where the coating of the wooden house was too old. In this case, the renovation of the wooden house is a bigger task. In this case, the impregnated parts must be sanded from all surfaces to the clean wood. This is a rather time-consuming and tedious job. However, doing this is fundamentally necessary to prevent further rotting and damage of the wooden parts and to restore the aesthetic, protected state. And if the problem is more serious, we can replace faulty elements, even structural elements.

In short, that's all we wanted to say about the renovation of the wooden house, but if you have any questions or needs on the subject, feel free to contact us.